“A musician must make music…if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.” – Maslow

Tim Gales writes simple songs about complex things: love, family, home, dysfunction, and loss.  Phrases turn, emotions connect, melodies soar.  You sing along even though you’ve never heard the tune before.  Tim writes from a perspective of distances, interludes between lovers, lives and the roads that lead from small towns to big cities.

Born in Chicago, Tim spent his early years with his family shifting between the big city and the small town of Mill Spring in southeast Missouri.  “I never felt like I fit in, because I was a city boy in the country and a country boy in the city” Tim recalls.

Tim’s mother, united in holy matrimony on five distinct occasions, gave Tim a built-in household of eleven brothers and sisters as well as five alcoholic and abusive fathers.  “To be alone, sometimes I would sneak into my older sister’s room and listen to her records” says, Tim. Listening to the sounds of Motown, Ike & Tina Turner, and The Jackson 5 influenced his tastes in music at the early age of seven.   As Tim grew, he began listening to such artist as James Taylor, Stephen Bishop, The Eagles, and Kenny Loggins.

“I remember once in second grade, we did a merry-pole dance on a wooden stage with colored lights wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas as we sang “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” to a huge audience of our parents.  “I knew right then this feels good, and I began searching out that experience again and again until I found myself holding a guitar in 7th grade.

Since then, Tim has written hundreds of songs, performed around Southern California with his band, “The Stand” – including performances at the famous Troubadour and recorded four CD projects – Can’t Go Home, Reverie, Pop. 205, and White Christmas.  Tim is working on his fifth release, “According to People Familiar with the Matter” – due for release in July 2023.

Tim’s projects tell the story of his life’s journey and challenges over the past few decades.

“I just hope someone will be moved by what my songs say and what my heart and eyes have seen” – Tim Gales