We’re Almost There (Rough Demo)

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  1. We’re Almost There (Rough Demo) -:-- / 3:24

We’re Almost There

(Tim Gales/Will Hollis)


A sailing ship

The harbor clear

The lights ahead

We’re almost there


We cast our hopes

We shed our fears

We’re land to sea

We’re almost where


Fortunes been found

Dreams come to stay

We don’t close our eyes

Or turn away




(Feel the wind) Feel the wind

(Through your hair) Through your hair

(Take my hand) Take my hand

We’re almost there


Through times of hope

Through times of pain

We know our love

Will still remain


We fought the seas

The current low

Now just ahead’s

The love we know


Two hearts stand beating

To see the future clear

And as we stand together

We know, we’re almost there








We’re almost there

We’re almost there


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