Pictures of Tomorrow

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  1. Pictures of Tomorrow -:-- / 4:16

Pictures Of Tomorrow



Sentimental fool am I

Sentimental tear in my eye

When I think about those yesterdays

And I think about my life


It’s all about the paths we cross

All about the loves we’ve lost

And I cannot help but see us

In the pictures of tomorrow



When I’m loving you

When I’m loving you

Pictures of tomorrow come

Pictures of tomorrow go by


It’s all in how the world must turn

All about the lessons we learn

And the love we shared between us

while those pictures roll on by


Somewhere in a fantasy

We’re caught up in a mystery

When I close my eyes

I see us inside

Pictures of tomorrow




Whatever may come

I’ll be there

Should I be lost in the joy

Or drowning in tears




Publisher: © 1998 Millspring Music Publishing ASCAP CONACT