Nothing is New

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  1. Nothing is New -:-- / 6:04

After seeing Fried Green Tomatoes, I had to write about my loss, their loss, everyone’s loss and how time stands still

Nothing is New



Same old clouds, the same old blue

Same old room, with the same old view

Same pictures line the halls with you

Since you’ve been gone¬†nothing, nothing is new


Same old clock on the same old wall

Says the same time that I took the call

Where the world stands in the same old pause

Nothing’s new, no, nothing at all



And I don’t want to know all the newer things

I’m happy with the old more familiar rings

Where everything old reminds me of you

Since you’ve been gone

Nothing, no, nothing is new


Same cabarets with the same silly tunes

Same late night movies on the TV tube

Same old songs on the radio

Everything here is the same ol, same ol




Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone

Nothing, I don’t want nothing, no that’s new


Publisher: © 1997 Millspring Music Publishing ASCAP CONACT