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  1. Maria -:-- / 4:19




She stopped wearing dresses

She said she liked to climb trees

She wears over-size t-shirts

And camels rolled up in her sleeves

I guess sometimes parents refuse

To see the truth

Maria, Maria,

Maria what’s happen to you


Once our little girl

In ribbons and bows

Now she wears a tattoo

On her arm of a rose

She’s using words that scare me

She says she got from her “crew”

Maria, Maria,

Maria what’s happen to you


How did all of our love

Get out weighed by the streets

Where each flashing light

Brings darkness down each avenue

Has everything we done

Been all in vain

If I could, I would

Give my life to change

Maria, Maria,

Maria What’s happen to you


Sometimes I remember the child

Once in my arms

Sometimes I refuse to believe

All her dreams might be gone

But then the police call

And tell us there’s been a gang feud

Maria, Maria,

Oh, my God, Maria, what’s happen to you


Maria, Maria,

Maria, What did we not do


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