The Rain Came (Writer Studio Demo)

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  1. The Rain Came (Writer Studio Demo) -:-- / 4:24

The Rain Came



Little Ernie took his dad’s fishing’ pole

Headed downtown where the real men go

Cast his line from a corner just off Main

Tryin’ to catch dinner in the drizzlin’ rain


Momma’s picking’ pictures from the bedroom floor

Hopin’ some of poppa could be restored

She puts ’em high in the closet with her wedding dress

Spends all day complainin’ about the mess



But then the rain came

And everybody ran

The rain came

for higher land

The rain came


Now grandma’s gotta couple visitors

Using up her coffee and looking for answers

They’re stayin’ in the bedroom with a view downhill

Where their trailer once stood in a concrete fill




Now a wise old man once told me, “Son,

Everybody feels the pain when God’s tears run

A fearless child doesn’t know fear

And a courageous woman keeps things clear”


Everybody saw the sun come out

So, they praised the Lord and prayed for a drought

They took a boat to Red Cross outside town

Yeah, everybody thought it was all right now


But then the rain came

The rain came

The rain came

Oh, the rain came


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