Love’s Got Me Walkin In The Dark (Writer Demo)

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  1. Love’s Got Me Walkin In The Dark (Writer Demo) -:-- / 2:31

Love’s Got Me Walkin’ In The Dark



I’ve got broken lamps in a broken home

Stumblin’ through the dark alone

The shades are drawn, the curtains closed

Where you are, no-one knows


You just packed you bags and left your key

And did that walkin’ out on me

Not even a note with your regards

Love’s got me walkin’ in the dark



Love is blind

That’s what they say

I’m a true blue believer more every day

I guess a fuse blew in your heart

Cause love’s go the walkin’ in the dark


Now my momma once said son let me warn you

Be aware, love can harm you

Love’s got blind spots two can share

When nobody wants to see things clear




I remember when there was so much light

We wore dark sunglasses every night





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