I’m Alright (Studio Demo)

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  1. I’m Alright (Studio Demo) -:-- / 5:03

I’m Alright



You won’t hear my knock on your door

I won’t be round no more

That’s the truth

You can hang out with your friends

Just like you did back when you didn’t know me

And I didn’t know you


Cause it’ll be me you won’t see

Standing behind you

It’ll be me you won’t see

Come running to find you



Baby, I’m alright, alright baby

I’m alright, alright baby

I am

Yes I am


Well you know it hurt me so

When you up and let me go

I didn’t think I would ever survive

But it’s a great big world I found

When I set your memory down

Here I am, I’m still alive


Now it’ll be me who won’t be

Thinking about you

It’ll be me happy to be

Here living without you




If you ever reminisce about the way things used to be

Don’t you ever wonder whatever happen to me




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