I Can’t Have You (Studio Demo)

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  1. I Can’t Have You (Studio Demo) -:-- / 3:43

I Can’t Have You



NOTE: What happens when you’re married and you drop your guard at the Saturday night dance bar.


With all that smile and a pretty face

Every time you dance the room

You come on strong with a soft embrace

Every time we two-step through

I’m falling under your spell

Tell me how can I tell you



I can’t have you

What am I gonna do?

I can’t have you

Tell me what’s the use

Cause when the music finally ends and the night is through

I can’t have you


Now I’m not quite the cheatin’ kind

And never have I been confused

But evey time you waltz on by

I feel the child like fool

Sending you smiles

Buying you drinks too




All the things I dream about

When I dance beside you now

Things I should not say out loud

Are running through my mind




Publisher: Millspring Music Publishing ASCAP CONACT