When I was a child in Mill Spring, a Southeast MO small town with a population of 205, I looked forward to the Christmas holiday. I loved the deep snow, smell of wood burning in our wood stove, colorful lights, and the scent of pine in the house. 

We didn’t have much back then and because Christmas was near the end of the month, we usually had less – including food. But somehow my mom would find a way to give each of her six kids $5 to buy gifts. My dad always got an ash tray and mom something made of colored glass like a fruit bowl. 

But my most favorite time was losing myself inside the Christmas albums my mom owned. These were the two that influenced me the most. Even today I wistfully find that kid when I listen to these LPs. For those that know my music, I recorded a Christmas CD (Snow White Christmas) with most of the songs from these albums. 

I hope everyone is finding that kid in themselves this holiday and listening to songs that take them back to simpler times. Merry Christmas.