Jamie_1989When I met my first partner it was 1981 and things were very different. He and I had to always have a level of secrecy about our relationship. So much so that when he was on his dying bed in 1989, I had to call his parents and not only tell them he was dying of AIDS, but also, that he was gay. When they came to hospital, only once, I didn’t know which was worse for them.   They arrived a few days later.  After the nurse woke him from his morphine drip to say hello, they made small talk for a few minutes before saying their goodbyes.  As I walked them out of the curtained area, they said, “When it’s over, let us know.”  They left to go back to Michigan.


As I finish Hillary Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices” I realize that whatever you feel about the individual she is, there is good and there is evil in the world. And she is good.


In one of the last chapters she speaks about a historic speech in Geneva, Switzerland she gave, in recognition of International Human Rights Day. How can any disagree with the basic premise of the human rights she outlined? If you haven’t heard the speech before check it out.TimBrian 


While listening, I couldn’t help think how things would be today if my first partner and I were still together, what our lives would be like with a family that extended to his and mine, freely knowing we were gay. Luckily, I have found a man that I have been with now for 23 years and we celebrate every day when we can call each other “partners” in public.  Recently I reached out to hold his hand in public after being at the movie theater to see if I could with out incident. I did and for a small moment I felt free.


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